Source code for dclab.rtdc_dataset.load

"""Load RT-DC datasets"""

import pathlib
import warnings

from .core import RTDCBase
from . import fmt_dict, fmt_dcor, fmt_hdf5, fmt_tdms, fmt_hierarchy

def check_dataset(path_or_ds):
    """deprecated, to not use"""
    warnings.warn("Please use dclab.rtdc_dataset.check.check_dataset!",
    from . import check  # avoid circular import
    return check.check_dataset(path_or_ds)

def load_file(path, identifier=None, **kwargs):
    path = pathlib.Path(path).resolve()
    for fmt in [fmt_hdf5.RTDC_HDF5, fmt_tdms.RTDC_TDMS]:
        if fmt.can_open(path):
            return fmt(path, identifier=identifier, **kwargs)
        raise ValueError("Unknown file format: '{}'".format(path.suffix))

[docs]def new_dataset(data, identifier=None, **kwargs): """Initialize a new RT-DC dataset Parameters ---------- data: can be one of the following: - dict - .tdms file - .rtdc file - subclass of `RTDCBase` (will create a hierarchy child) - DCOR resource URL identifier: str A unique identifier for this dataset. If set to `None` an identifier is generated. kwargs: dict Additional parameters passed to the RTDCBase subclass Returns ------- dataset: subclass of :class:`dclab.rtdc_dataset.RTDCBase` A new dataset instance """ if isinstance(data, dict): return fmt_dict.RTDC_Dict(data, identifier=identifier, **kwargs) elif fmt_dcor.is_dcor_url(data): return fmt_dcor.RTDC_DCOR(data, identifier=identifier, **kwargs) elif isinstance(data, RTDCBase): return fmt_hierarchy.RTDC_Hierarchy(data, identifier=identifier, **kwargs) elif isinstance(data, (pathlib.Path, str)): path = pathlib.Path(data).resolve() if not path.exists(): raise FileNotFoundError(f"Could not find file '{path}'!") else: return load_file(data, identifier=identifier, **kwargs) else: msg = "data type not supported: {}".format(data.__class__) raise NotImplementedError(msg)