Source code for dclab.rtdc_dataset.feat_anc_ml.hook_tensorflow.tf_model

import collections

from ..ml_libs import import_or_mock_package
from ..ml_model import BaseModel

tf = import_or_mock_package("tensorflow", "2.0")

[docs] class TensorflowModel(BaseModel): """Handle tensorflow models"""
[docs] @staticmethod def supported_formats(): return [{"name": "tensorflow", "suffix": ".tf", "requirements": "tensorflow"} ]
[docs] @staticmethod def load_bare_model(path): """Load a tensorflow model""" # We don't use tf.saved_model.load, because it does not # return a keras layer. bare_model = tf.keras.models.load_model(str(path)) return bare_model
[docs] @staticmethod def save_bare_model(path, bare_model, save_format="tensorflow"): """Save a tensorflow model""" assert save_format == "tensorflow" tf.keras.models.save_model(model=bare_model, save_format="tf", filepath=path)
[docs] def predict(self, ds, batch_size=32): """Return the probabilities of `self.outputs` for `ds` Parameters ---------- ds: dclab.rtdc_dataset.RTDCBase Dataset to apply the model to batch_size: int Batch size for inference with tensorflow Returns ------- ofdict: dict Output feature dictionary with features as keys and 1d ndarrays as values. Notes ----- Before prediction, this method asserts that the outputs of the model are converted to probabilities. If the final layer is one-dimensional and does not have a sigmoid activation, then a sigmoid activation layer is added (binary classification) ``tf.keras.layers.Activation("sigmoid")``. If the final layer has more dimensions and is not a ``tf.keras.layers.Softmax()`` layer, then a softmax layer is added. """ probability_model = tf.keras.Sequential([self.bare_model]) if self.bare_model.output_shape[1] > 1: # Multiple outputs; check for softmax if not self.has_softmax_layer(): probability_model.add(tf.keras.layers.Softmax()) else: # Binary classification; check for sigmoid if not self.has_sigmoid_activation(): probability_model.add(tf.keras.layers.Activation("sigmoid")) fdata = self.get_dataset_features(ds) tfdata = ret = probability_model.predict(tfdata) ofdict = collections.OrderedDict() for ii, key in enumerate(self.outputs): ofdict[key] = ret[:, ii] return ofdict
[docs] def has_sigmoid_activation(self, layer_config=None): """Return True if final layer has "sigmoid" activation function""" if layer_config is None: layer_config = self.bare_model.get_config() if "layers" in layer_config: return self.has_sigmoid_activation(layer_config["layers"][-1]) else: activation = layer_config.get("config", "").get("activation", "") return activation == "sigmoid"
[docs] def has_softmax_layer(self, layer_config=None): """Return True if final layer is a Softmax layer""" if layer_config is None: layer_config = self.bare_model.get_config() if "layers" in layer_config: return self.has_softmax_layer(layer_config["layers"][-1]) else: return layer_config["class_name"] == "Softmax"