Accessing DCOR data

The deformability cytometry open repository (DCOR) allows you to upload and access RT-DC datasets online (internet connection required). The advantage is that you can access parts of the dataset (e.g. just two features) without downloading the entire data file (which includes image, contour, and traces information).

Public data

When you would previously download an entire dataset and do

import dclab
ds = dclab.new_dataset("/path/to/Downloads/calibration_beads.rtdc")

you can now skip the download and use the identifier (id) of a DCOR resource like so:

import dclab
ds = dclab.new_dataset("fb719fb2-bd9f-817a-7d70-f4002af916f0")

To determine the DCOR resource id, go to, find the resource you are interested in, scroll down to the bottom, and copy the value from the id (not package id or revision id) field in (Additional Information). The DCOR format is documented in DCOR (online) format.

Private data

If you want to access private data, you need to pass your personal API Key:

import dclab
ds = dclab.new_dataset("fb719fb2-bd9f-817a-7d70-f4002af916f0",

You can find your API Key in the left panel of your profile page when logged in at

Alternatively, you can also set the API Key globally using

import dclab
from dclab.rtdc_dataset.fmt_dcor import APIHandler
ds = dclab.new_dataset("fb719fb2-bd9f-817a-7d70-f4002af916f0")